Sunday, October 19, 2008

Amdocs Interview @ 30th July

Hi Friends!!

I am here to share my experience of placement in Amdocs(a telecom software company).This piece of information is basically for my juniors.
It was only a week after the college had reopened after summer vacations and I was already placed in Accenture on 23rd July.
And now the target ahead was Amdocs on 30th July. Had very less time in hand for preparation.Still 4-5 days hardwork brought in success.
The day began with the PPT scheduled at 11.30 am in the Lecture Gallery but it got delayed and the formalities started at 12:00 around .The videos werent much impressive enough. Anyways mind was too boggled with thoughts then.

The procedure for Amdocs recruitment is as such:

1.Online test of 2-2.5 hrs -It consists of two sections-

1)Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Ability which comprises of three sections - a)Quantitative -maths problems on average,profit loss,cubes and dices,time and distance (See R.S.Aggarwal), b)Pattern * stands for /,+ stands for - ,blah blah types extremely easy section c)Reading Comprehension

2)Technical Section - Consists of 3 parts a) C or C++ or Java (choose one of d three)- I attempted C which consisted of short questions like -isspace() function , enum,output based questions practise this well because maximum weightage given to this section around 20 questions here.Tricky questions in C (be thorough with it .REFER :Test Your C Skills by Yashwant Kanetkar )

b) SQL (compulsory) - Consists of questions on Queries,insert,delete statements ,joins,practise subqueries well .also some objective questions on truncate command,cursor,index and sequences.***** IMP- There are different sets of questions , ppl b4 or after u will get different set of questions . I hadnt studied PL/SQl .luckly i didnt get those set of qsns ..some friends got dont leave PL/SQL...practise that too.(15 questions this section).

c)UNIX (compulsory)- Consists of shell programing .basic concepts on commands ,filesystems, Chapters 1-10 of Shell Programming by Kanetkar Book .U should know shell scripting too..unfortunately i hadnt gone through shell scripting ..didnt know anything bout it ..nd i got most of d qsns on shell scripting .So please read it ..dont leave that.(15 questions )

IMP : There is negative marking. There is sectional cutoff for Section I and Section II .No subsectional cutoffs was there . It was online test ,so limited time allotted to each section and so you cant ignore any section.Keep answering with proper accuracy level.

There were two batches of online test .I was appearing in the first batch and 10 got through cutoff in the first batch and 12 in 2nd batch.Overall selection for interview round was 22/120-130.

2)HR and Technical Interview Round: Technical Interview was cool . Asked my family background nd stuff .Your hobbies nd interests .I told Programming so he asked which was the most difficlt program u came across ..told bout my summer project..if u r confident bout it ..u can carry your project with you and can speak about it.Then i was asked on pointers nd strings in C,(to write a code for strcat using pointers) ans asked to explain it .Then some commands in Unix and i/wer told to write a subquery.Submitted my resume and their form. [:)].So,it got over in 15-20 minutes.

HR Interview was simple -took a GD for four ppl together.we were d first group.Nuke deal -for nd against.i was given to speak against .quite a well co-ordinated GD .

Thus ended my Interview Process . It was quite late by then around 10:30 pm .And whole lot was left for interview. So HR was only a GD . no Personal interview there.

Interview process ended at around 2:20 am. We were relaxing in the TV room.[:)].But everyone was tensed. Results were declared then only within 5 minutes at 2:30 am . Ecstatic at that moment!!! Yuppiee.I had made it.

Only 14/22 were finally selected.(7 from EC&EI,6 from CSE , 1 MCA)

The pay package is 4.2 lakhs CTC.