Sunday, March 15, 2009

The 14th of March

Significance of this special date:

1)Pi Day and Pi Approximation Day are two holidays held to celebrate the mathematical constant π (pi). Pi Day is observed on March 14, 3.14 being the first three digits of pi. It is also Albert Einstein's birthday. It can also be celebrated on March 4 (when 14% of the month of March has elapsed). Pi Approximation Day is observed on July 22, due to π being roughly equal to 22/7.
.....Pi Minute is also sometimes celebrated on March 14 at 1:59 p.m. If π is truncated to seven decimal places, it becomes 3.1415926, making March 14 at 1:59:26 p.m., Pi Second (or sometimes March 14, 1592 at 6:53:58 a.m.).

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology often mails out its acceptance letters to be delivered to prospective students on Pi Day.

2) Mikhail S Gorbachev becomes president of the Soviet Congress on 14th March,1990

3)Aamir Khan was born on this day.

4)Japan and Korea celebrate White Day similar to Valentine Day.

5)Besides many more significant events have happened on this date.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dreams on Fire

I love the lyrics of this famous song!!!

You are my waking dream
You're all that's real to me
You are the magic in the world I see

You are the prayer I sing
You brought me to my knees
You are the faith that made me believe

Dreams on fire
Higher n higher
Passions burning
Right on the pyre

Once for, forever yours
In me
All your heart
Dreams on fire
Higher n higher

You are my ocean waves
You are my thought each day
You are the laughter from childhood games

You are the spark of dawn
You are where I belong
You are the ache I feel in every song

Dreams on fire
Higher n higher
Passions burning
Right on the pyre

Once for, forever yours
In me
All your heart
Dreams on fire
Higher n higher.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nightmarish 3 Days!!!

It was the summer of 2008 when I was doing intern at IISC in SERC(Supercomputer Education and Research centre) in network security.I worked in the Multimedia-cum-Networking Lab and ironically, I got a live demo of my mails getting hacked ..:P
First let me mention the email ids I have - 1) (Orkut was linked to it)
On 11th june,around 1:10 pm I had gone for lunch without logging out my gmail( time ever I hadnt logged out gmail in my absence..).Then I came back at around 1:50 when I saw my gmail page was logged out.I then tried to login but to my utter surprise,password didnt match...I then went to "forgot ur passwd" link ..Here my secondary emaill id was my yahoo id i.e for resetting ,gmail sent the link to X1@yahoo id....then i went to login that yahoo id..But here too ,password didnt match. Baffled at the moment!!
I again tried resetting Yahoo asked username and directly secret qsn which I answered it and reset passwd..then sent the link again from came i activated then gmail account i was able to login by changing password..i then logged into it and was working in it..even
chatted..then at around 3.30 to 4:45 i had slept with my head down on the table infront of monitor only..then i got up at around 4:45 and logged in gmail..passwd dint match again ...My mouth was agape..Again I went to reset link yahoo..went to login yahoo X1@.Password didnt match..went to reset passwd of Yahoo.
It asked me yahoo username , then instead of asking secret qsn this time it asked dateofbirth,country nd postal code..i entered it but it didnt match even thought I had provided correct information .Ghosh!!!!..i was into deep trouble...X1@yahoo,X2@yahoo and X1@gmail
and orkut hacked....[:(].

I tried a lot ..asked many friends ..alll laughed at my situation..felt bad..but didnt give was a very bad day that day scoldings form prof too.had meeting with him..regarding
project work..then had to catch bus at 8.15pm..When I came at stop at 8:05 but the bus unusually left just 10 metre away from me infront of my bus trip only at 10.00 pm..i was hungry and irritated...Vodafone network was jammed too..So was unable to connect to anyone too to add to my despair...The frnds whom i wanted to contact for hacking thing..2 of them had switched off cells....reached hostel at 11:00pm ,ate dinner and slept finally...Next day tried resolving out problems but no success...friend told yahoo authentication server might be off..blah blah...then in the evening time around..i filled up one yahoo customer care all secret projectmate told they wont trust u ..why will they?...but i was optmisitic...So mailed to a google id day morning i came back and was glad to get help from yahoo,..they had reset the paswd..nd yo!!!...i recovered X1@yahoo ...then i saw that idiot had changed my pincode infact he had reversed the last two digits ....and then X2@yahoo also i was relieved that now i can restore my gmail account bcos link will come to yahoo id..but the hacker showed his smartness again.....guess what???....he had changed my secondary email id..bcos i dint get any link to my yahoo id i was totally
gmail id was the most imp for me...
Then i was desperate cant let that idiot win ..i will mail the google mail server incharge persons i was looking for email ids of theirs..nd then i found in contact form which asked for many details and was ready to change ur secondary mail id..

It was just a ray of hope for me at that instant god's grace..i filled up the form at around 10.30 to 11.00..i got reply at around 12.00..saying they changed my secondary email id..i went to that link changed passwds...then i saw that guy has chatted with a branchmate of mine..and asked about a beautiful gal's bday that gal is my branchmate and my close frnd...and he has chatted with that guy(my branchmate) 3 times ..and only with him...not with any other college frnds of mine who also pinged him wen he(hacker) was online...and he told my brancmate frnd that he is from iitmadras working at iisc with me only in her lab...but he was faking ofcourse...and also said that he hacked my ids for fun...and was not going to do any harm....

but the harassment he made me go through.......who is that guy..why he
did so..ridiculous..i have no answer..

Friday, February 6, 2009

Summer Internships

Hereby,I am putting down a list of Summer Internship and Fellowship programmes for B.Tech students:
1)EPFL Fellowship for IIITA and IITs.
2)E4SI Fellowship -
3)DAAD Fellowship (WISE Program for Indian Students) -
4)IAS Summer Research Fellowship -
5)IIT Madras Summer Fellowship
6)SURGE-IIT Kanpur Summer Fellowhip
7)INAE Summer Reserach Fellowship
8)IIT Bombay Summer Research Fellowship
9)IIT Delhi Summer Research Fellowship
10)IIT Guuwahati Summer Research Fellowship
11)JNCASR Fellowship
11)VSRP -TIFR Summer Fellowship
12)JRF Fellowship
13)JWFTC-GE Summer Internship Programme
14)Google Women in Engineering Award for B.TEch CSE Students (girls)from 1st yr to 4th year
15)Google Internship in Software Engineering
16)Microsoft R&D Internship
17)TeamF1 Summer Internship- (Networking Company)
18)Research Internships in Science and Engineering for Indian Students in United States
19)IBM Research Labs (IRL)Summer Internship Program
Link for Internships -
Important Tech Blogspot -

Should India follow Israel?

In the present situation where India is fighting against terrorism as well as Israel struggling in its long war,their similarities and differences are very evident.At the first instant,one would feel India should follow Israel in launching military action against Pakistan,No doubt India enjoys conventional superiority over the Pakistani Army,but then there are notable differences between India and Israel.We are battling terrorists;Israelis are battling those so called terrorists.Both their opponents and ours are armed and trained with the help of external actors.This is where the similarities end.Israel faces existential crisis and has been facing since the moment it was created,surrounded by hostile Arab states.It has an unwilling Palestanian population under its control.We have no such fears.India is a large country and indestructible.The most that terrorists can do is to bleed us.The second big difference is that Israel is dealing with groups based in territories under its control;India is dealing with terrorists outside India.
More importantly,the idea that Israelis are masters at carrying out such missions is a myth.Two famous missions created this myth: the surgical strike against Osirak nuclear installation,which stunted Iraq's ability to create N-weapons;the commando operation at Entebbe in Uganda,during which Israelis were freed from a hijacked plane with a minimum loss of life.This created the impression that Israel could inflict damage upon its enemies without being touched,but since then the myth has diverged from the reality.Two years ago,Israel marched into Lebanon thinking they would destroy Hezbollah but retraced in disgrace.And now in Gaza,their claims of attacking the Hamas- a terrorist organisation and a legitimate target-Israel has attacked a civilian population and even bombed a UN School.This is not an example we should follow.
What has Israel achieved with attacks on the Palestanians?The moderates have been sidelined,the extremists been encouraged and after a history of 60 years of military actions against the Palestanians,Israelis still live in an atmosphere of fear for their very existence.If this were to happen to Pakistan after military attack by India,India would confront a failed state and a Talibanised neighbour.There would be o prospect of durable peace in the foreseeable future.
The real enemy is the ISI and the terrorist groups that continue to receive military backing.They need to be isolated from the larger Pakistani nation.