Friday, February 6, 2009

Summer Internships

Hereby,I am putting down a list of Summer Internship and Fellowship programmes for B.Tech students:
1)EPFL Fellowship for IIITA and IITs.
2)E4SI Fellowship -
3)DAAD Fellowship (WISE Program for Indian Students) -
4)IAS Summer Research Fellowship -
5)IIT Madras Summer Fellowship
6)SURGE-IIT Kanpur Summer Fellowhip
7)INAE Summer Reserach Fellowship
8)IIT Bombay Summer Research Fellowship
9)IIT Delhi Summer Research Fellowship
10)IIT Guuwahati Summer Research Fellowship
11)JNCASR Fellowship
11)VSRP -TIFR Summer Fellowship
12)JRF Fellowship
13)JWFTC-GE Summer Internship Programme
14)Google Women in Engineering Award for B.TEch CSE Students (girls)from 1st yr to 4th year
15)Google Internship in Software Engineering
16)Microsoft R&D Internship
17)TeamF1 Summer Internship- (Networking Company)
18)Research Internships in Science and Engineering for Indian Students in United States
19)IBM Research Labs (IRL)Summer Internship Program
Link for Internships -
Important Tech Blogspot -


Sangeeta Panigrahy said...

gr8 info yaar !!! Its like "Olay - Its just One Blog n evrythings sorted". People like you ought to be made.... Three Cheers 2 u Dear :)

Mrinmay Bhattacharjee said...

Thanks for Adding my Tech Blog in your Blog List. Feels Great :)


@mrinmay ..i like your blog a lot ..its like all news and tweaks of technology at one place...i really love it, so it deserved a mention in my blog..what is your profession btw?