Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crossword - I love solving them but this time I made one !


1. Protect the image

3. Be Super. Think IBM.

6. A computer network

7. What is blog short for?

9. Are you game?

11. On Time

12. Name of an online community that has something in common with NASA

13. First Come First Serve

15. Are you phone smart?

16. You can be easily tracked now

18. Now Newspapers can even TALK

19. 'You press the button, we do the rest'

20. A Microsoft's software product for building web sites and applications


2. Your wireless reading device

4. A Manufacturing Technology

5. It’s all related to IC's

8. Thick and Thin..Read between me!

10. Bangalored!

14. Mobile Operating System

17. The Japanese Way!

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