Saturday, May 22, 2010

IIM Indore Interview Experience

IIMI Interview was the last one to go on 5th April 9 am (First Day First Show).I had infact preponed my interview date as my leaves were getting exhausted.Indore interview process was the strictest amongst all iims in the sense if you didnt have candidate identification affidavit with you there,you were not allowed to participate in the process at all .

Anyways,the process began with essay writing and the topic was 'Democracy comes in way of India's economic growth as compared to China'.
Time : 20 mins Page : 1 side only Rough Paper given to jot down points

After that,a sheet was given where you needed to rate yourself on personality based questions,some 50 questions were there I guess.

At the end of this,we were all asked to wait in a room for the phone to ring through which they would call the candidates ..This was the funniest part :)..We used to keep checking whether the phone receiver has been placed correctly or not if it didnt ring for a long time

Also,people were grilled on everything about oneself- form writeup,acads,extra-currics,work-ex,hobbies,essay,five most important certificates,etc.

Panelist: 3 male Profs P1,P2,P3 but when I entered,there were only 2.
Q.Tell me about yourself.
Q.What does Amdocs mean?
Q.What did you learn in your team?
Q.What is that you didnt expect in the corporate workplace?
A.Told about casual dress code,very informal and lively team,no training.
Q.Are you a foodie? What do you cook?(As I had mentioned cooking in the form).
Q.Where do you invest your savings?
Q.Dont you trade in stock market?
A.Yeah Sir,that is also a good option but you always need to track the market and I didnt find much time to spare for that.
Q.What is your opinion about Gold as an investment?
A.Yes Sir,even that is good since its value is appreciating a lot nowadays .Told about ETF also
Q.Then,P2 interrupted and came to acads and told he will ask on Semiconductors(voila !! ...this is the only subject for which we had no class in college and I was surprised Prof picked up that subject only :( ).
A.Told them the truth.
Q.But P1 interrupted you have got good grades.
A.Yes,Sir that is because I had read the content just before the exam day .
Q.Ok,So you have one internship at IISc.What are the different kinds of network?
Q.Asked some questions on that ...not able to recollect now but I answered them.
Q.What does a router do?
Q.How will you connect a desktop and a laptop in a room?
Q.What all facilities can you avail by connecting the devices above?
A.File Sharing,Internet Sharing,Printer Sharing.
Q.What is noise measured in?
Q.Did you see supercomputers in SERC?
A.I told about Param,IBM BlueGene and that I was lucky to have access to the server room.
Dont remember what else he asked.Jotted down whatever I remembered.
At the end,both seemed satisfied and then I left the room.

I was quite happy as the PI went well and the string of interviews finally came to an end and I was free now :)


Tanaya said...

hey.. thanks for posting ur intervw experiences.. it will really help future aspirants!! cheers!!


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