Thursday, April 8, 2010

FMS 2010 Interview Experience

FMS holds a special significance for me as it was my first MBA GD/PI call as well as the first Convert :)
I had got calls for both the progs MBA(FT) and MBA(MS) and my interview was scheduled on 28th March.
MBA(FT) was in the 9:30 am slot and MS in the 1:30 pm slot.I was allotted the Board-III panel and my serial no in the group of 11 was one. :)
The GD Topic : Unlimited religious freedom and secularism do not go together.(13 mins as there were 11 people).
The GD was a fish market but still ok ,I contributed some points.
After that I was called in first .Had to rush in with my file asap.
Panel: Dean and two Lady Profs alongwith a guy(for psychoanalysis i guess)
As you enter,you are given the extempore topic preferably related to your name .
For me,it was 'Raaga' but I told I am not into the technical side of music so the topic was changed to Sound.Felt I didnt get much time to speak.I had lot more to speak on sound
*A sound mind in a sound body is essential
*The Sound of Music (Movie)
*Various audio frequency ranges
*Sound Instruments,Devices,Missiles
*Sony derives its name from the Latin word for sound,Onkyo derives its name from the Japanese word for sound
Time to speak: Roughly 1 min ..Spoke about different kinds of sound becomes noise..
Stopped by the Dean.

Q: When does sound become noise in terms of physics?
Q.Audio Frequency Range human beings can hear?
A.20 hz to 20 Khz
Q.Who can hear sounds below 20 Hz?
A.didnt remember told some insects or birds .(bats i guess)
Q.What is the sound above 20 khz called?
Q.What is Concorde?
A.Dont know(turbo jet powered supersonic passenger vehicle)
Q.Where are sound devices used in ECE?
A.Told about SONAR and its principle.
Q.What is the name of the project by Motorola which had failed and resulted in loss of billions of dollars?
A.Dont know(Big Pond content provider)
Q.Mam interrupted ..Name 5 universities according to priority where you would like to go for an MBa abroad?
A.Harvard,Wharton,Kellog,TepperSchool of Busines,INSEAD
Q.Name 5 PSU's
Q.Full Form of NMDC
A.National Mineral Development Corporation
Q.Dean interrupted and asked name PSU's within 100 km radius of Rourkela
A.Blurted out NALCO confidently
Q.Is NALCO a PSU?(tried to confuse me and I got confused :()
A.No,it is not a PSU(It is a PSU infact a Navratna now)
Q.What are your career goals?
Q.Another mam interrupted .Which specialisation would take?
A.Finance or HR
The interview got over then.
I had thought my interview went ok.But alas,got waitlisted at 52.

MBA(MS) Experience:

GD Topic: Indiscriminate tourism will lead to environmental damage.(Same group ..2 were absent).But a typical fish market.I couldnt pitch in much infact couldnt make my point at all.Also,I was lacking points :( Totally dejected after the GD.

PI : Again the first one to enter.Had screwed the GD.Was already sad.
On top of that ,I had not read the third page of TOI(Please read newspapers in full) so had missed out what is earth hour.

Extempore: Topic - Earth Hour.
Managed to speak a minute..told bout saving of 6000 MW in Delhi and Euro-IV coming in also.(Overall dissatisfied because didnt read the thirsd page :()
Q.Why did you not speak in the GD?
A.Gave fundae about listening skills,leadership qualities,compassion for others.(They tried to stress me but countered them,seemed convinced with me)
Q.Who started the concept of Earth Hour?
A.Dont know(WWF - World WildLife Fund)
Q.Who celebrated Earth Hour- India or the World?
A.World( Thank God guessed it correctly)
Q.What is Euro-IV?
A.Told(aGain asked tell technically..Told dont know)
Q.Tell how do you think we can protect Earth?
A.Told eco-friendly ways..blah blah
Q.Do you see TV?Name one co-friendly ad?
A.NDTV Greenathon
Q.No,name one eco-friendly product?
A.Dont know.(Hint about IDea..then remembered.shit..Use Mobile.SavePaper)
Q.What are your hobbies?
A.Reading novels and drawing.
Q.Which novels?
A.John Grisham's as well as non-fiction.
Q.Which ones in non-fiction?
A.Go Kiss the World,The monk who sold his ferrari,who moved my cheese,etc
Q.Summarise the monk who sold his ferrari
A.Told ..i told i like the quote 'Luck is the maariage of the preparation with opportunity' .(Suddenly a prof became interested and asked me to repeat)
Q.What do your parents do?
Q.Who publishes TOI?
A.Bennet Coleman and Co Ltd.
Q.Have you got IIM Calls?
A.Yes,all except IIMA.
Thank You,Sangeeta.(Thus ended my MS interview after which I was totally depressed with my performance :( and had hopes of converting only MBA(FT)).

But I guess,thing dont work the way you think and I converted MBA(MS) to my utter surprise.

Results were out on FMS site at around 4:00 am on 1st April..fools Day :)

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