Wednesday, April 14, 2010

IIM Calcutta PGDM Interview

IIM Calcutta :) I wish I had converted IIMC .But I believe whatever happens,it happens for our good.
IIMC was my first MBA GD/PI.It was scheduled on 22nd March,2010 (World Water Day) at 2:00 pm in Mumbai.
I reached the centre around 1:00 pm and as I entered the waiting room for IIMC, I started feeling jittery :)
Soon,we were called for verification of documents and then taken for Group Discussion.It was a group of 11(9 M +2 F).
GD Topic: Every problem has the seeds of solution in itself.
(Quite generic topic,discussion tended to be a fish market,points on terrorism,naxalism,finance,cloud computing,women's bill,education cropped last each one was asked to summarise).
Time: 13 minutes
Personal Interview: I was second in the roll to be called in.
Didnt have to wait for much time (Thats the best part).
Panelists:Three Profs(1 Lady)
Q.Have you submitted your payslips?
Q.Relax . What did the guy who went first tell you about us?
A.Just that he was asked about me and education stuff.
Q.How many students have scored above you?
A.4.36 percent ..
Q.Say 2 lakh students have appeared for CAT ,then?
A.4.36/100 * 200000
Q.Tell us something which is not there in the form.
Q.What do your enemies think about you?
Q.You are good at drawing and you like to read novels,why didnt you go for Arts Stream?
A.I am good at artistic subjects as well as technical side too .I have won in many olympiads and member of technical clubs in my Institute.
Q.What are your career goals?
Q.Dont you think you should have scored much higher in CAT when we compare your excellent academic scores?
A.Yes Mam,I expected to score above 99 ptile but I am happy that I have got so many calls .I had given my best.Rest I wasnt able to evaluate myself where I went wrong because I didnt have the question paper because of online CAT system.
(Prof): Yeah,you raised a good point there.
Q.What is it in teaching that excites you?
A.Innovation,out-of-the-box thinking,can think beyond the books..blah blah
Q.From where all do you have calls?
(Prof) You are a good student,a good daughter but you talk a lot.Think more and then speak ,that will create a great change.You will do good wherever you go.
A.Thanks Sir.
Results out on 10th April,2010 : Rejected :(
I forgot to mention that I was allotted mentor from IIMC after my interview got over :)
Anyways,it was just the start of the chain of interviews of the hectic month.

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