Friday, April 23, 2010

Karthik calling Karthik

I just finished watching the movie :).I watched the movie even after hearing almost from everyone that it was not worth to watch.Still,I watched it.Its because I had heard it's based on schizophrenia,a mental disorder.I find it interesting because I like studying different personalities and analysing them.And moreover,what everyone dislikes,I tend to like that a lot.I watch a movie and have an opinion of myself on it.And I liked KCK.I dont care much what others say and like to explore things myself.People would say the story is just rubbish but they actually fail to see through the story.The phone call was just a medium of portrayal here but this disorder might actually happen with some of us we never know.Its rare but not impossible.I liked the first part of the movie much more than the latter.Specifically,the first lesson to learn to 'Say No' .Sometimes its absolutely necessary.Even I have this weakness of not being able to say 'No' to people which is why most of the times I suffer.The first half teaches a lot about self confidence,self esteem, independence and simply being yourself.Life is an inverse function.You can live it forwards but can only understand it backwards.

Psychology always fascinates me right from childhood.Each one is unique and our minds are different in ways of thinking .Some people are biased by their environment and some by stereotypes and tend to project that in their mind.In B.Tech 1st Year,we were taught a subject Industrial Psychology which talked about various aspects of mind,personality,intelligence.I used to love studying it.Moreover,my mother teaches Psychology so I had a natural instinct towards that subject.Our brain is too powerful and can imagine anything.Everything is stored in the subconscious mind.Mood swings is quite a common phenomenon.I have come across two persons at home too whose personality I keep trying to understand till date and keep reasoning out their behaviours.Again,telepathy and coincidences - why do they ever happen and how does that happen are all inter-related.I introspect a lot :) .I like analysing personalities a lot as to why one did something or why one did not do something. Well,till date I havent read any book on Psychology though my mom keeps telling me to go through some of the books in her rack but I was lazy to bother.After watching this movie,I am again reminded that I should start reading some such stuff or some research papers on personality disorders and also telepathy because it happens with me a lot:P In the later years of my life,I wish to be a free lance psychiatrist or counsellor.

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