Saturday, May 22, 2010

The college of my dreams :)

After having to wait for one long year toiling hard balancing work pressure and CAT prep,finally I got through IIMB .

3rd April,Hotel Sea Princess,2 pm: I was ready to face yet another set of people and yet another interview in the line.Most of the faces were already familiar and I started conversing with them whom I had already met at other interviews.As usual,I started chit-chatting listening to other people's interview experiences.

We were a group of 9 people.We were first called for the Essay writing which was of duration 35 minutes.

Topic: Private participation will help solve India's infrastructure problems.

When I saw this topic,I realised all my chances of getting through IIMB is over.I didnt have much knowledge about infrastructure sector of our country ,forget about the problems,companies,private players.Still I tried my level best to put some facts and figures and some points I knew about infrastructure and how privatisation would help.I wrote precisely in good handwriting and was able to complete in one page.You will be given only one side of the paper to write.

After this,we were sent back to waiting room and our rolls were called.I was the last but one to go.

In the meantime,I enjoyed tea,cookies,discovery channel with some show of Bruce Lee and talking with guys there.

Panelist: 2 Profs(Srinivasan Mam (P1)and a male prof(P2)),1 Alumnus(P3)

My interview duration was the shortest one of all ,around 10 mins whereas others had it around 20-30 minutes.

As I entered the room, P2 started talking to me in Gujarati and then I had to again convince him that I am not.He went through my form thoroughly and then P3 popped in.He started asking me about my work-experience.What is my role and what exactly is the process involved in the product I work in?(in short,he grilled on that for a while).

After a while,P1 came in with snacks and asked me what are your hobbies?
I answered reading novels and drawing.
Then both P2 and P3 said "All people good at drawing come towards the end of the interview process".
As i said sketching,mam then asked me to sketch her face and asked me how much time i would take .I said around 5-10 mins and then she gave me a yellow paper.
The panelists were talking among themselves that one of mam's students had sketched mam's face and it looked like manisha koirala and so they were teasing Mam :)
I kept drawing looking at mam's face and finally she took the paper from me after some time and said the sketch is not looking like her :( :( But she told she will keep it as a souvenir with her. :)

After this,P2 asked me 'Why MBA?'
I answered in brief 2 lines.
P2 looked satisfied and looked towards P1 and asked her "Do you want to ask her anything ?"
She nodded 'No'
And then my interview ended !

I felt satisfied with my interview but since it was quite short one as compared to others,I was a bit apprehensive but then all's well that ends well.

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