Saturday, May 22, 2010

IIM Kozikhode Interview Experience

26th March,HMATC,Dadar,2 pm
It began with an essay writing and the topic was 'All fools and fanatics are so certain about themselves but wise people always think so much'.(Time given : 20 mins,2-3 pages)
After this got over,we were grouped into slots of 9 and moved to the respective panels.

GD Topic: A case study on Water and its Price.(5 lines were written on Water).
Discussed a lot of topics on water use and misuse ,mumbai water shortage,pipe's bursting,water harvesting,world water day celebrated on 22nd march,water conservation,water management courses,awareness programmes both in rural and urban areas,water tax and many more points pitched in which I am not able to recollect now).GD went pretty good as everyone was speaking except two.

Panelist: 3 male Profs(one of them was an electronics engineer i guess as he asked electronics questions to everyone).

My interview began again with the eternal question of tell me about your origin and they tried to link me in every way with Gujarat.
Q.Tell me about yourself.
Q.Then asked about short term and long term goals.
Q.What is your aim in life?
A.Gave some gyan on it.
Q.As I told I have learnt German,I was asked what is my fluency level and rate yourself on ability to speak,write,read German.
Q.Why would you like to go for Ph.D in the long run?
Q.What have you learnt from your mother ,she being a B.Ed lecturer?
Q.What is the difference between IIR and FIR filter?
Q.Why is doping done?
Q.What is Fourier Transform?
Q.Can you desing an analog circuit using K-map?
Q.Do you want to ask us anything?

And then the interview ended .It was a pretty short interview for me as it lasted for about 15 mins.But in general,other people in my group had 30 mins interview with factual questions on GK,finance and based on your hobbies.

Verdict: Converted :)

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