Saturday, May 22, 2010

IIM Lucknow Interview Experience

I was so fed up of giving interviews that I just wanted things to end as fast as possible.IIM Lucknow interview was one of my best interviews among all the IIMs. It was scheduled on the 2nd of April at Dadar,Mumbai,2:00 pm slot.(All my iim interviews were slotted 2 pm :( ).

Here the group size was again 9 and I was the last but one to go for the PI.

Essay Topic for our group: If we suffer from great pains,then we should have the right to end our lives. (Time : 20 mins, 1 page (both sides)).
Then the papers were collected and we were asked to speak on the same topic as part of our group discussion.
Spoke about euthanasia and different types of pains (mental,social,physical) but some people in the group were deviating from the topic.Overall,it was not a good GD even if it wasnt a fish market.

Panelist: Two male Profs P1(Seemed to be a Professor on Organizational Behavior)
P2(Seemed to be a Professor on Marketing ..a jolly Prof..kept smiling all the time)

Q.Tell me about yourself.
Q.Have you looked at IIM Lucknow website?
A.Yes Sir.
Q.What do you like about the site?
Q.U told IIML has lots of clubs and u have done social service work,do you know the name of the social service club of Lucknow?
Q.Ok,do you know what activities they do generally?
A.No,Sir .I just went through the clubs at a glance on the site.
Q.Can you name some journals/research papers on the lucknow site?
A.No,Sir.Didnt see the site in such details.
Q.You are good at both scholastic aptitude and extra-currics.What do you think,should scholastic aptitude be given more weightage?
A.Sir,I feel both are equally important .Also told that one who is not academically excellent in his school days should not be barred from getting iim calls even if he has perfomed well in CAT but his grades arent so high.Both should be balanced I feel.
Q.What are the things you think you require while working in a team?
Q.Your mother is a B.Ed Lecturer.What do you learn from her?
Q.P2 interrupted now and asked to name some latest telecom service providers.
Q.Asked to name TSP 's in last two years.
A.Told but didnt mention Virgin Mobile which he wanted me to say,so he popped in the name and asked do you know the marketing model of Virgin Mobile regarding their strategy of 'Getting paid for receiving calls'.
A.I told I can guess so and so but he interrupted and told if you dont know then we will not discuss.It's ok.
Q.What does TRAI stand for and what is it?
Q.Tell the controversies it is involved in ?
A.Told.(Then he told odnt you think the Telecom ministry is more involved in 3G auction than TRAI and started laughing looking at other prof joking about A.Raja)
Q.What is spectrum?
Q.How does the ministry of Defence come into the picture?
A.Told about Spread Spectrum Technology,CDMA
Q.Which is the party in power in your state Orissa?
Q.Which alliance is it Cong or NDA?
A.Third Front(Answered it very confdently :) ).
Ok,Sangeeta Thanks
As I was leaving,he asked me how many calls you have?
Told and left.

I really felt happy at the end having answered most of the questions apart from the beginning ones but was very hopeful of converting it.

Verdict: Converted

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